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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hemp Couture Baby Ring Slings

Hemp Couture is proud to launch our All Natural Baby Slings for 2009!
Created with 100% Hemp outer shell and 100% Organic Cotton lining! Amazingly soft and as always with hemp, AMAZINGLY STRONG making them super safe!
Slings are such a great way to connect with your baby and keep her close to your heart. Whether you’re wearing your little one in the cradle position, nursing, up right, on your hip etc. you will be enhancing that special bond that you share together. The organic cotton lining is so soft and silky creating a comfy little nest for baby and the outer hemp shell is already soft, but will also soften more so with wash and wear.
Hemp is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and ultraviolet light making the HC Baby Sling perfect for a sunny day, but also great even for a damp stroll in the park. Hemp fabric has so many fantastic qualities including the breathability that this wonder fiber has to offer. It seems to breathe and keep baby cool on warm days or it holds heat in to keep your little one warm on chilly days!
The Hemp Couture Baby Sling is a 'ring' sling making it versatile and a one size fits all. The rings are top grade solid brass weld rings with a silver finish and are 1/4" thick (equivalent of 4 gauge). Tested to 750 pounds! These rings are specifically manufactured for Baby Slings and are guaranteed to meet all safety standards for baby wearing!
Each and every seam is triple stitched ensuring strength and durability.
At present I am offering the HC Baby Sling in one colour only, All Natural beige Organic Cotton lining and All Natural beige Hemp outer shell, again offering versatility in coordinating with any outfit.
Each sling also has a nice long 'tail' adding additional coverage for privacy when baby is breastfeeding or against the elements of nature.
The HC Baby Sling is unlike all other slings that are available. Many people are drawn to thick, padded slings assuming that they are stronger and safer when really they're just more bulky and difficult to use. This is not the case with the HC Baby Sling! They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear with much less extra added 'bulk' than padded slings, creating a cozy little nest for your sweet pea.